Recent Storm Damage Before & After Photos

Major storm damage to this roof

If your home has been damaged, exposure to the elements may greatly increase the amount of damage to you home. Many insurance policies limit your time to file a... READ MORE

Check your policies!

Some storms are so severe they are scary. In this case the winds were so high that they blew an object into this door and shattered it into a million pieces. Mo... READ MORE

High wind advisory

Along with our Southern California storms come high wind advisories and they can cause some damage when you least expect it. In this case we had a broken window... READ MORE

Flash Flood Warning...

When storms occur the rain water and come creeping into the house in many ways. In this case the client was out of town on vacation not knowing that a storm was... READ MORE

Water build up

Its never fun to have water build up anywhere. Sometimes when there is a major storm or just really heavy rainfall, water starts to cause a lot of damage. In th... READ MORE

Roof Tarping

It does not usually rain in Southern California, but when it does it can cause a lot of damage to your property. This last crazy storm we had affected a lot of ... READ MORE